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Calypso Dice creates artisan dice concepts for various RPG and tabletop games. Each set is custom made from scratch. Some sets are cast in polyester resin, while some are too complex for casting and are created by direct resin printing. Each set is hand finished and provided in it's own Calypso Dice box, unless otherwise stated.

Because Calypso Dice are made to order, it can take upwards of 6-12 days between ordering and shipping. This gives us time to let finishes, and sealers dry thoroughly before shipping.


Since the creation of the D4, there has been a rivalry between bare feet, and hidden gems of pain just waiting in the carpet.  No more! As the Vengeance D4s from Calypso Dice have told the caltrops where to go.


Directly to hell.

Cast in colored polyester resin, the Vengeance D4s come in two current designs. Ringed, or Flat. Both designs are balanced and give regular random rolls. Not that we all don't know someone who just has a magic hand now and again. 

Each die from Calypso Dice is hallmarked for authenticity, either on the 3, or for larger dice, the 7. 

Currently Vengeance D4s will be cast in Black, White, and Clear.

Inking options








Single $6.95




Pack of Ten $29.95



Pre-Order Price %20 Off.


These are printed resin dice that are hand finished. Tailored for the fashionable assassin, the Xavier dice come with accompanying background story and Box.

Standard Set 


Introductory Sale %20 off.


Howling at the moon are the Limited Edition, Dakota set. Each wolf faces the high number, and is produced individually utilizing an injection print method. 

Essentially these dice are solid. The inner image is filled with an equal density resin by hand. And then checked for balance before polishing, and inking.

Sets are available in two ways. A set of 10 D10 or A standard set 4,6,8,10.12,20,Perc

Also available inked in a choice of 3 colors. (1 color choice per set)

Now available! First come first serve 100 sets only.

Regular Price - $49.95

This Dice Set is a Limited Edition. Only 300 Sets will be made.  Each set is made to order and takes approximately 6-10 days before shipping.

These Dice are hand finished, balanced, 3d printed solid resin.  Available in three different ways.   Each set is made to order. 

Due to a surprisingly overwhelming demand, this will be first come first serve. No rush orders, and No customs outside what is offered. 

Each Set takes typically 6-12 days handling between order and shipping.


Finished sets only, come with box. 

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